Why should Bonbon ceilings be suspended?

There are many brands of ceilings. Don't know about Bonbon ceilings? Girls do not have much of a concept for home improvement, especially for the decoration materials and decoration words that are rarely touched in daily life, they are not very familiar with it. Before the home decoration, Xiao Bian has always been ignorant about the ceiling. Few, in this popular science, help young women like me who have no experience but want to pretend to improve their understanding and prevent them from being taken advantage of.

Why do you want to ceiling?

Some house beams, pipes and the like will be exposed outside, and the ceiling will play a good role in blocking the top surface to avoid clutter; when the house is over-high, the ceiling can lower the height and change the status quo; when the house When the floor height is too low, the carefully designed ceiling has a visual error that makes the house high. The above three points are all to make up for the lack of housing construction.

Ceiling can play a role in thermal insulation. For the tenants on the top floor, the sun shines directly on the roof in the summer, and the indoor temperature is higher than the low floors. In the winter, the indoor heat is more likely to be lost. The heat insulation layer is also the insulation layer through the ceiling, which greatly comforts the life of the four seasons. ""


Ceilings also have a contributing role in increasing the lighting of indoor light sources. Some residential lighting circuits are single. Even if they can reach the lighting effect, it is difficult to meet people's growing requirements for lighting decoration. When the ceiling is suspended, the lamp position of the lamp can be increased, and light, line light, and surface light can also be achieved. The richness and cooperation, but at the same time can hide the pipeline without traces, beautiful and practical close to home.

The ceiling has a decorative effect. With the improvement of living standards, the concept of home improvement has also undergone a qualitative leap, the purpose of the decoration is more diversified, and comfort and beauty complement each other. The top of the house is naked and exposed to people's eyes, far more intuitive than the ground or even the impression of furniture. Or the whole or partial modification of the top of the early, in line with aesthetic requirements.

Ceiling is a secret weapon to adjust space. For example, the living room and dining room have the same roof height, and there is no spatial independence. The height between the two is determined by the ceiling, which is clearly divided into two areas. For another example, if you want to create a conjoined area between the living room and the balcony, you can use the ceiling to cancel the middle diaphragm to complete the unity.

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