Effect of curing temperature on the color of colored ce…

Cement products in the hardening process, the different curing conditions will affect the color of the product. In the hardening process of colored cement products, weather changes, such as temperature and wind speed, should be fully taken into account. In the changing weather, they affect the envir

Parking barrier installation you need to pay attention …

The smart parking project will involve a problem of construction and installation. Although the parking barrier looks simple, but the installation still needs some details to pay attention to, these details can make the life of the barrier longer, the staff to operate more For convenience. So what

Do you know how to choose a fire door?

Today, fire safety is becoming more and more important. Fire doors are the first line of defense to ensure life safety when fires occur. As a result, the production of fire doors has flourished. Looking at the fire door market, various types of fire doors with various functions are emerging on

New electricity changes and five major power generation

"China's power generation industry is currently in the best period since the power reform in 2002, and it is also at a new historical starting point. However, there is a long way to go to promote transformation and upgrading. "China's power generation industry is currently in th

Shenyang lock retail market survey: urgent need for bre…

According to statistics from 2014, the annual sales volume of national locks can reach 2.2 billion, and the annual demand for fingerprint locks in the commercial market can reach 5 million sets. At the same time, the demand for the civilian market is also growing. The annual sales of the domestic lo

The same point of the electronic tensile testing machin…

About the tensile testing machine technology introduction Electronic universal testing machine load sensor is the direct test force value, while the pressure sensor only indirectly tests the force value, shielding some intermediate links. The electronic universal testing machine load sensor elimi

Wireless sensor network technology is valued

Wireless sensor network is considered to be the second largest network after the Internet in the world. With the increasing popularity of wireless sensor networks, more and more fields will regard it as one of the basic technologies for future development. Wireless sensor networks are one