Birth of a new type of nano battery: full of 10 minutes

Birth of a new type of nano battery: full of 10 minutes

To say what is the biggest short board of the current electronic equipment, it is estimated that many people will vote for the battery. Indeed, in the past ten years, the performance of the battery has not been improved. Now, the University of Maryland has brought good news. They have successfully developed a completely new structure of batteries. The size of the stamps is in the size of a ceramic material. Millions of nanopores are arranged vertically inside.

Each nanopore contains an electrolyte, with both ends acting as anodes and cathodes. That is, each nanopore is a miniature battery that forms a nanoarray for charge and discharge.

According to the school, the current prototype can be filled in 10 minutes and can be recycled thousands of times. They did not mention the capacity of the battery, but they also mentioned that it would increase the energy density by a factor of 10 in the next release.


A brief introduction to the additives:
Disperse dye Printing Thickener as the main additive in the chemical printing industry, because of its excellent thickening, has already appeared in people's field of vision early, its true face is a rheological additive, can be no exaggeration It is said that it only needs to add a small amount of thickener to make it play a big role. Is its advantage only reflected in this amount? No, let me introduce you to the specific advantages of disperse dye printing thickeners.
Advantages of additives:
1. After the consistency of the raw liquid product is increased, the raw liquid is better penetrated into the textile and uniformly sizing.
2. Provide good rheological properties for dyes or pigments, so that they are evenly distributed during printing without splashing and sagging.
3. Better penetration of the dye into the textile, combined with the fibers to form a well-defined, well-defined textile print.
4. The consistency is increased, so that the dye in the printing is fixed, and the reaction product and the residue are more conveniently and easily washed away.
Auxiliary application system:
Disperse dye printing thickeners are widely used in the thickening of textile printing and dyeing, coatings, printing and dyeing, sanding cloth, cotton cloth, chemical fiber cloth and other systems.

Disperse Dyes Printing Thickener

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