Floor tiles VS floor who is the best partner for floor heating

Tiles and flooring can be said to have different advantages and disadvantages. If they can afford economically, they will be fully paved solid wood flooring, which is both warm and comfortable. However, some owners are very tangled about the issue of paving bricks or floors.

Intuitive: use a cool and warm feeling

The texture of the tiles is relatively stiff and has a unique cool feeling. During the fall/winter season, it may cause the user to have a psychological illusion of indoor cold. If the house is located in the north, the situation will be more serious. Wooden floors with a certain degree of softness on the visual and tactile feel have a higher affinity and create a warmer feeling. From the point of view of product selection, the floor tiles are complete in specifications and colors, and they are more optional, with a variety of effects, giving more room for the decoration design; while the floor is slightly more single, with less color, style, etc. than the floor tiles. .

The surface of the tile is smooth, the reflection is too bright and it is easy to shake the eyes, fearing that the elderly and children will fall. The child is naughty, barefoot running on the tiled floor is prone to cold, or the floor is good. The young couple prefers stylish and simple tiles.

Heat conduction: Different heating and heating expertise

From the view of heating principle of floor heating, the heat of the heat-conducting coil is distributed to the space through the ground, so the thermal conductivity of the surface decoration material is also very important. From the perspective of the thermal conductivity of the tiles and wood, in the same heating environment, the temperature rise of the tiles is faster than the wood floor, but the cooling rate is also faster after stopping heating. The wood floor heats up slowly and the cooling rate is slow.

In a brand floor shop, technicians use iron pots and casseroles to illustrate this issue: "The thermal conductivity of the wok is better than that of the casserole. In a shorter heating time, the wok is certainly hotter than the casserole, and the surface temperature It's also higher, but heating continues, and the food in both pots will become cooked.” He said: “The heating period in the northern region is at least four months, even if the surface temperature of the floor has not been higher than that of the tiles, and the conditions for continuous heating for a long time Below, there will not be much difference between the surface temperature and the indoor temperature."

Material: Cracking deformation possible

Under ground heating conditions, the ground material must be exposed to high temperature and dry conditions for a long time. Therefore, the product performance is required to be stable without fading, deformation, or cracking. Due to the internal pore structure of wood, the repeated change of the cold and heat of the external space will cause the change of the internal moisture content of the wood, which will cause the deformation of the wooden floor. In winter, the dry air is more likely to cause the cracking of the wooden floor, especially the traditional solid wood flooring. The problem is serious. Deformation and cracking are also common concerns for most ordinary consumers when buying wooden floors.

To solve this problem, flooring manufacturers have launched solid wood flooring and geothermal flooring to attract consumers. This reporter learned that multi-layer solid wood flooring in the surface layer, the core layer and the base layer with different hardness of the wood, pressed into the board, the wood structure layer can offset the external force that may cause deformation. There are also manufacturers to develop solid wood floor heating, through the design of the lock, control of wood moisture content, high temperature carbonation and other methods to control the deformation rate of solid wood flooring in a reasonable range.

Wood flooring is easily deformed and cracked. Will tiles not? According to a ceramic brand shop guide, the traditional vitrified bricks produced in the early years were not very strong, and this situation was relatively easy to occur. After the new National Standard for Ceramic Tiles was formulated, the physical properties of the ceramic tile were greatly improved, and were strictly tested. Tile products are difficult to crack.

Hazard: Each of the irradiated formaldehyde poses a threat

The problem of formaldehyde in wooden floors has always been the focus of consumers. Composite flooring is used in the production process of adhesives, and formaldehyde is one of the main components of adhesives. China's national standards enforce mandatory environmental standards for the amount of formaldehyde emitted from floors, with the highest grade being E1. It is generally believed that wood floors that meet the E1 standard do not pose a hazard to humans under normal conditions of use. However, the higher the temperature of the material, the faster the volatilization rate of formaldehyde, so under the heating conditions, the formaldehyde emission of the newly laid composite wood floor will increase. In order to solve this problem, the temperature can be increased when there is no one in the home, and the ventilation of the window is opened to reduce the indoor formaldehyde content.

The ceramic tile itself contains radioactive material, in which the radioactivity of the glazed tile is more obvious. This is because the tile material is mostly derived from minerals such as feldspar, mica, etc., which contain certain uranium, potassium and other radioactive substances, even after various processing measures There will still be residue. In addition, in the category of glazed tiles, the glaze applied to make the surface of the tile glossy and beautiful contains zircon sand, which also has high radioactivity. However, there is no evidence to show the relationship between tile radioactivity and indoor temperature. In the "National Standard for Ceramic Tiles", there are clear standards for the amount of radiation and heavy metal content of ceramic tiles. Consumers can ask the distributors for product quality inspection reports or instructions and pay attention to the type of test results (A is the best, B is the middle, and C is the worst. ), check it.

Construction: Ground floor heating should be quality

In the use of floor heating, compared with the floor tiles, the construction requirements of the floor are more, the first condition is that the wooden floor has been strictly dried in the production, so that the moisture content is controlled. After the filling layer is completely dried, the wood floor is then laid. Otherwise, the moisture content of the originally dry wood floor will increase. According to the physical characteristics of the thermal expansion and contraction of wooden floors, expansion joints must be left at the intersection of the floor and the wall and columns.

However, if the floor heating is not in place, there are problems such as water leakage and poor water flow. When the floor heating equipment needs to be overhauled, the trouble comes. Therefore, whether it is the choice of floor tiles or flooring, owners who want to use it once and for all must ensure the construction quality of the floor heating. When laying floor heating, pressure tests above the normal working pressure need to be performed continuously (over 24 hours). In addition, it is not a water pipe but a water separator that is most easily damaged in a floor heating project. Therefore, a durable product must be selected at the time of purchase.

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